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The beauty of playlists is that they can speak for themselves. This one is a double
disc: it has a lot to say. For the most part, this is a compilation of celebration.
Choose what you yourself are grateful for. How prolific your favorite musicians
have been this year? The fact that you didn’t tattoo your recently ex-girlfriend’s
name on your knuckles like you had planned to? That the Democrats have finally
seized the House and Senate? Perhaps I am projecting with that last one – forgive

The point is, the world keeps turning. Life plods on, or races, depending on
whether or not you let boredom get the best of you. This mix has plodding
moments; it has racing ones. I wanted it to reflect back on life. And, like in life,
there will be patches of songs you don’t like. It’s inevitable: nobody is happy all the
time and even the best musicians make poor choices. If you need an example,
just pop in The Streets’ latest album.

On second thought, don’t. I’d like the year to end for you on a positive note.

Enjoy, and best of luck in the New Year.

1. "The Waning Moon" - The Hidden Cameras

2. "The Last Time" - Gnarls Barkley

3. "Give ‘Er" - Peaches

4. "Mr. Tough" - Yo La Tengo

5. "The Avalanche" - Sufjan Stevens

6. "Please Don’t Talk About Murder While I’m Eating" - Ben Harper

7. "Work Me" - The Black Keys

8. "That’s Too Bad (Byron Jam)" - Donavon Frankenreiter

9. "Central and Remote" - Grizzly Bear

10. "New Underground" - Guster

11. "Weed Party" - Band Of Horses

12. "Hours" - TV On The Radio

13. "Would You Come With Me" - The Elected

14. "Criminal" - Gotan Project

15. "Red Sky At Night" - David Gilmour

16. "Black Widow’s Eyes" - The Who

17. "Diamonds In The Dark" - The Mystery Jets

18. "Chinese Translation" - M. Ward

19. "Answers To Your Questions" - Loose Fur

20. "Mr. Ambulance Driver" - The Flaming Lips

21. "Cherry Cola" - Eagles Of Death Metal

22. "Lolita" - Elefant

23. "Ize Of The World" - The Strokes

24. "I Am Nothing" - Nellie McKay

25. "Strange Apparition" - Beck

26. "Hard-On For War" - Mudhoney

27. "Rhineland (Heartland)" - Beirut

28. "Let’s Impeach The President" - Neil Young

29. "Gone" - Built to Spill

30. "Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But…" - Arctic Monkeys

31. "Cosmia" - Joanna Newsom

32. "You, Drum" - Liars

33. "Army Reserve" - Pearl Jam

34. "Hands" - The Raconteurs

35. "Night Driver" - Tom Petty

36. "Rats" - Sonic Youth

37. "Where Is My Love" - Cat Power
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