Led Zeppelin's first contact, 50 years later
Jan. 12, 2019

R.E.M., rediscovery and collapsing into 2019
Jan. 7, 2019

Balance, "Beware of Darkness" and George Harrison
Nov. 7, 2018

Another ride through Neil Young's Music Arcade
Oct. 11, 2018

Retrorockets fired and burned on the Black Crowes' Lions
Sept. 23, 2018

Chris Cornell as a Sunday morning accompaniment
Feb. 19, 2018

The minimal backing and misheard confessions of Radiohead’s ‘Present Tense’
Nov. 10, 2017

Remembering Tom Petty, a virtual friend
Oct. 3, 2017

Cutting through the noise, live at A&R studios
May 31, 2017

Gregg Allman, the soul of the Allman Brothers Band
May 29, 2017

Remembering Chris Cornell, forever
May 18, 2017

'Nothing As It Seems' and the story of Pearl Jam
April 4, 2017

Another late night with Tom Petty's Highway Companion
Feb. 22, 2017

The Stones let it loose in swirling repetition
Jan. 24, 2017

'One Night' and the casual command of Elvis
Jan. 9, 2017

Bad luck, blue eyes and goodbye to another year
Jan. 1, 2017

There are no obvious answers, and the song remains the same
Nov. 12, 2016

The never-ending grind of life, as illustrated by The Who By Numbers
March 16, 2016

Extended excursions into Neil Young and 'Change Your Mind'
March 2, 2016

David Bowie's sound and vision
Jan. 11, 2016

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Random Notes: Live sides and revamped classics
April 12, 2010

Random Entirely Programmed Notes: 'Backspacer' isn't a revelation, but all things considered, it's solid
Sept. 20, 2009

Random Notes: The many sides of the blues and plenty of live tunes
Nov. 10, 2008

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