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2005 has been an interesting year. It’s ended with all
of us liberals being able to say we were right, though
without much satisfaction; while we can say now for
sure that Bush doesn’t deserve his office we can’t do
much to remove him from it.

It’s been a year of internal dissatisfaction and
international war, and the destruction of our false
sense of safety. We’ve discovered, as a country, that
we aren’t immune to natural disasters or spying
dictators. But there’s still a sense of hope – we still
haven’t had to really heed orange alerts, and there’s
some talk about withdrawing from Iraq in this decade.

Music serves a lot of purposes, but more than
anything else, it reflects the sentiments of the people
who created it, and the general feelings of
subsections of the population. 2005 was a year rife with good music, more so than I can remember in recent

I’ve used music released this year to create a mix that captures the vibe of 2005. These might not be the best
songs of the year, but put together, I think they successfully capture the feeling of the year.
1. “Qué Onda Guero” — Beck

2. “Weight Of The World” — Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

3. “Take, Take, Take” — The White Stripes

4. “Girl From The North Country” — The Secret Machines (Bob Dylan Cover)

5. “The Sadness” — Ryan Adams

6. “Hombre” — M.I.A.

7. “Jesus Walks With Me” — Kanye West

8. “I Never Came” — Queens Of The Stone Age

9. “Every Day Is Exactly The Same” — Nine Inch Nails

10. “Everybody’s Song” — Low

11. “These Are The Fables” — The New Pornographers

12. “The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders: The Great Frontier/Come To Me Only” —
Sufjan Stevens

13. “King of the Rodeo” — Kings of Leon

14. “Forecast Fascist Future” — Of Montreal

15. “They Never Got You” — Spoon

16. “Glósóli” — Sigur Rós   
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