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An old favorite delivers again

Green Day
American Idiot (Reprise)

STATIC and FEEDBACK staff writer

So, it's been awhile.  Now that most of us are able to
admit that Green Day has always been a guilty
pleasure, perhaps
Dookie and Nimrod have finally
been removed from the very back of our CD racks, or
they could still be hidden behind Converge and
Poison the Well in that secret overlooked spot next to

Whatever the case, it's safe to assume that just about
everyone has heard at least some of American Idiot. Billie Joe Armstrong's unmistakable voice, simple yet
unbelievably melodic guitar riffs, solid bass and bop-along  drum lines have always held Green Day's music
together, while still somehow keeping true to their original sound and style, no matter how seemingly corporate
they may have become.

American Idiot is an open homage to life as a whole. Whether they are singing directly about you, someone you
know, your mother or your friends cousins ex-roommate's extraordinary friend,
American Idiot spans every
generation. Just about anyone can relate in some way to the lyrics and enjoy the almost classic-rock vibe of the

Though at times American Idiot comes ridiculously close to breaking copyright laws, ripping melodies
that sound extremely familiar from performers including, but not limited to, Bryan Adams and The Beach Boys,
the album has a deep vibe of originality and personality that comes through full shine in songs such as, "Wake
Me Up When September Comes" and "Extraordinary Girl". Bottom line, if your not a music Nazi you will like this

This collection of story related songs holds as much punk rock credibility as Rancid's
And Out Come the Wolves
and political unrest as any Bad Religion without needing to train yourself to tell songs apart (no offense).

In the end, we should all just brush our strand of fried black hair out of our right eye and fess up our so untold
love for mainstream pop/punk and for once listen to something we actually like. Because kids, lets
keep in mind that true originality comes only from forgetfulness.