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The other aspect that one must figure
out is who to see. Since there are 5
stages (not to mention a comedy tent)
there are bound to be conflicts. You are
going to hear some complainers (it
could even be you), asking why they put
Beck, Les Claypool and Medeski, Martin,
& Wood all around the same time. Sadly,
you won’t be able to morph or stop time
(even if it feels as though that drug you
just took makes it possible), the only
way to enjoy all is to see bits and pieces
of each. For example, I have seen MMW
before, so I’ll put that on my back burner.
I have always wanted to see Beck, so I
am going to put that on my top of the
priority list.  If I hear a buzz about
Claypool, I will have to make a quick
1  2  3
Jeff Kravitz
My Morning Jacket have become a staple at Bonnaroo
jaunt over. The best part about the stages is that they are all so close to one another, and the music doesn’t
travel or compete against one another.

Last year, one of my conundrums fell between The Word (North Mississippi/Robert Randolph) and Modest
Mouse.  What I did was to briskly walk between What Stage and Which Stage, heard a little bit of both and then
finally decided on Modest Mouse. It wasn’t just the music that enticed me, but the crazy hooligans that were free
climbing the tree to the very top. I am curious if that one tree is still erect, because that was a prime shade spot.

The best thing for y’all to do is while you are driving down I-95 or waiting in line, make your own itinerary.  Study
the bands that are coming, ask around who the hidden jewel is.  Experience something new. This is one of the
beauties of a large festival like this, the diverse styles of music.  Surprisingly, Trey Anastasio said it best: “I spent
the whole day at Bonnaroo yesterday, I must've seen... so many bands..." Interestingly, when I saw Trey last year
I left early, which turned out to be a good thing — he wound up sharing the stage with American Idol “long haired
favorite” Bo Bice.

I hope this garbled mess was comprehensible, entertaining or even helpful to you. I wish everyone a safe
journey down to good ol’ Manchester.  If you aren’t able to make it this time, start saving up for next year’s
debauchery. Remember that Bonnaroo and any other music festival are about having a grand time, experiencing
new things, meeting new people and having a better appreciation of the people you have spent time with.

I don’t want to sound trite when I close this article, but Bonnaroo is truly about peace, love and music! I can’t
believe it’s only daze away! Have phun dancing, everyone!

P.S. — If you’re wondering which crazy dancing fool I am I will be the dirty guy with a beard picking up the trash.
Good luck!
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