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One place in particular that you should definitely visit is
“Shakedown Street.”  There is no definitive site for this strip, but
just by word of mouth, asking around will be enough to find it.  
“Shakedown Street” is your non-licensed vendors. They have
everything from food (quesadillas, grilled cheese, breakfast
foods), booze (including homebrew and moonshine), munchies
(goo balls — gooey ball of goodness with a hint of herb,
brownies), drugs, glass, clothing, etc. If you are looking for
something at a reasonable, price check it out here first. Some of
the people that are “working” rely on their sales to go on “tour”
(travel from one festy to the next). So, be a doll and help a wookie
(dirty dreadlocked individual) out.

(Warning: it can get a little shady in the wee hours in the morning
down Shakedown, but if you are with a couple of people you
should be A-OK).

If you're not catching on to different jargon that you aren’t used to
on an everyday basis, no need to worry. Here are a couple of
words that you are bound to hear walking around Shakedown
and within the campgrounds:
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Bonnaroo survival checklist

I have found a couple of websites that I
have made some checklists of what
needs to be brought to enjoy, survive, etc.


■ Water:
Bring more than enough.  If you
have room after you packed your vehicle,
get more water.

■ Corn starch: This isn’t for cooking but
for comfort.  Apply to any dry, chafing area
with a bit of water and you are golden.  
After a couple of days in the sun without
washing, this is a savior.

■ Hats, sunscreen: When it gets hot, it
gets hot. Protect yourself from the sun.
You do not want your face to swell up.

■ Rain gear, poncho: When it rains, it
pours. Enjoy the rain, play in the mud or
watch others partake! Highly entertaining.

■ Good vibes: If you come with an open
mind and positive energy, it will be an
awesome experience for you and your
new found friends.
Keep that watering can close          

One of the things that I will preach is to keep hydrated. Hydration is the most important thing for you to do
throughout your stay at Bonnaroo. The Tennessee sun is ridiculously hot. The sun rises around 6 in the morn’
and it gets pretty uncomfortable in those tents, so it may be tough to get some shut eye, even if you have just
found your tents two hours prior. Do not plan on getting your beauty rest while camping here. Some lucky ones
stay in an air-conditioned RV, but they aren’t truly roughin’ it. It may suck at the time, but the stories that come
out of it are fun to tell. Heck, maybe your grandchildren will get a kick out of it!

But I digress; it is a necessity to drink as much water as you can. If you think you drank enough, drink more.  
There are 24 hours in a day and you are putting your body to the limit staying up at all hours watching music,
partaking in recreational drugs, etc.  People have the tendency to grab a cold one as soon as they wake up,
maybe out of the frustration that they have only slept for an hour or two, or maybe because they brought more
booze than the universal solvent — water.  

I usually wait until dinner time or dusk, when it gets a little more comfortable to crack open a beer, but usually I
am working during the day time, so it’s much easier for me. Your best bet, however, is to pack as much water
as you can. You can use it for staying hydrated, cleansing and cooking. If you find that you have room left over in
your VW bus or car, bring more water, not just for yourself but for your lovely neighbors.  Spread the wealth.  If I
have learned anything from prime time television it’s that good karma follows you. Thanks, Earl.  

Which stage? What stage? Ahhh!          

So lets review: we have talked about Shakedown, drugs, staying hydrated and walking around and we haven’t
even talked about the reason why we are all going — the music!  Bonnaroo brings all types of musical acts,
ranging from roots reggae, jam band, hip-hop, rock, bluegrass and electronica.  You are bound to find
something you will enjoy.  

It does get overwhelming when you are there because of the five stages. First, someone thought it was a funny
idea to name the stages What, Which, This, That, and The Other. On paper it’s hilarious, but if you are trying to
figure out where your pals are it is down right confusing.  So, look for landmarks; that is the only way around this
Jeff Kravitz
Les Claypool will be back at Bonnaroo
“Headys,” “Nugs”: Marijuana. You may hear them
separately or sometimes in a combo.
“Who’s got my heady

“Pharmies”: Pharmaceuticals. The kids aren’t looking for
your over the counter stuff but the purple pills that Eminem
was rapping about.

“Hippy crack": Nitrous. I will go into more detail in the
following paragraph.

“Brah”: Friend. “Hey brah.”

“Wookie”: Dirty dreadhead. A fun site is Wookies in their prime!
While we’re on topic, you may notice people carrying balloons
every where they go or hear people adding “air” to said balloons.  
Yes, Bonnaroo is a party, but this isn’t your ice cream, cake, pin-
the-tail-on-the-donkey gathering. The “air” that the folks are
adding is nitrous. I do not want to preach or tell people what you
can and cannot do, but please THINK wisely. My philosophy on
this is that nitrous is for those Fast and Furious automobiles, not
to be sucked down from a balloon. People have died from
sucking it down because it stops the airflow to the dome, while
others have fallen and hit their head.

All being said, drugs are prevalent at these events. If that is your
thang, by all means have fun, but please be respectful to yourself
and your neighbors. You do not want to be a party pooper. Some
poor individuals have lost their lives for stupid acts because they
put so much into their system or had no idea what they injested. If
you are uncomfortable in a situation, there is plenty of room to get
out.  It is actually entertaining once night time falls; It feels as
though you are in the newest zombie flick —
“When Hippy’s
 They walk in hordes and you can only decipher a couple
of words here and there:
“Who’s got my pharmies? Who’s got my
 Everyone is walking in slow motion with large beady
eyes. It’s definitely entertaining, even if you’re the ones involved!  If
you don’t bother the others, they tend not to bother you. Have an
open mind and everyone will be happy; just keep your wits about