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Twists, turns and thrills

Medulla (Atlantic)

STATIC and FEEDBACK staff writer

Well, what's really to be said? "With a palm full of
stars, I throw them like dice." You have to wonder – as
always – where does Bjork keep coming up with this?

Feverishly fluid and hauntingly intricate, at times this
album makes you question your sanity...not that that's
a bad thing. With panting background sounds
reminiscent of an orgasmic fairy or an inpatient ghoul,
once sucked into this array of hypnotizing noise, it’s
impossible come out until Bjork is ready to let you go.
Surprisingly relatable lyrics and Bjork's idyllic voice carry this musically enchanted forest, introducing you to
words you've probably never heard but understand all the same. With only a chorus providing the melody, it has
an epic vibe that encourages you to draw your own movie to this irresistible soundtrack.

Patience and imagination are important tools in enjoying the album. If you have neither – don't bother. But if you
love music in any form, and possess an overactive imagination rivaling Tolken, take some time out and give
Bjork the chance to entrance you, if she hasn't already. This is a CD best listened to with your eyes closed and
your mind open.