Shake Your Money Maker will always tell the story of a band

Revelations and repeated listens with Layla

Lockdown becomes a boon on McCartney III

Salvations, bootlegs and mid-morning revelations

Navigating those solitary moments with Bob Dylan's solitary triumph

An overdue dream comes true: Tom Petty's complete vision of Wildflowers arrives

Late nights on Abbey Road

The Flaming Lips tackle ghosts on American Head

The Kinks' Kronikles stands as their greatest collection

Walking, waiting and hoping on the rest of Tom Petty's Wildflowers

Through the years with "Wharf Rat" and the Grateful Dead

One year later, another night with the Rolling Stones

Murder, mystery and melancholy weave together on Bob Dylan’s Rough and Rowdy Ways

Pearl Jam offers up surprising twists and turns on Gigaton

Locked in with Day For Night and the Tragically Hip

Night 43: A scorching introduction to Pearl Jam's bootlegs

Led Zeppelin's cottage revival and the birth of III

10 for the 10s: Telling the story of the past decade in 10 albums

Capturing the Rolling Stones in a moment of revolution, via Live'r Than You'll Ever Be

Wilco arrives at a new, familiar destinaton on Ode to Joy

Ginger Baker, a life unmatched

Winding through the astral plane with the Velvet Underground

This is the place: Delving into Radiohead's hacked minidiscs

Dylan, the Band and capturing the flood in 1974

The blinding, belated brilliance of Bob Dylan's Street Legal

Weird, real, emotional: Traveling the years with Stephen Malkmus and Pig Lib

Led Zeppelin's first contact, 50 years later

R.E.M., rediscovery and collapsing into 2019





UPDATED: May 12, 2022

Collapsing, rebuilding and reigniting with Pearl Jam in Arizona

Pearl Jam on stage in Glendale

Pearl Jam went back to basics and put on a show that elevated beyond just another concert.


Front cover of Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Barn Neil and the Horse swing in and out of time on Barn
Neil Young and Crazy Horse emerge with an album that exists for this moment and should last beyond it.

The Stones’ Love You Live is a ramshackle time capsule of a wild band
Are there better live albums by the Rolling Stones? Probably. But there are hardly any as fun or riotously messy as this one.

All the phases, stages and winding roads to Let It Be
The last Beatles album to be released gets the deluxe treatment that the music always deserved.

Fifty years later, new sounds collide with classic vibes on George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass
A new mix and a wealth of alternate material provide new chapters to the story of Harrison's defiant first album.


The lingering road to King Curtis and “Soul Serenade”
Live at Fillmore West is a classic album, and one that took decades to find its way to the stereo.

Charlie Watts played with the band
Charlie Watts was one of the great drummers of his lifetime. And he wasn't just anyone's drummer.

The fervent, furious sounds of Bloomfield and Butterfield
A classic from 1966 still spins like a genre-melding freakout on these late nights in lockdown.

Tiny Music and Stone Temple Pilots long-overdue reconsideration
Stone Temple Pilots' wonderfully weird third album demonstrated just how much the band had grown in the aftermath of rock stardom and all its trappings.


Dinosaur Jr Dinosaur Jr. and the great indoors
Club shows have returned, and Dinosaur Jr. took the opportunity to level an appreciative crowd.

Phish shares jokes, jams and overall weirdness with Providence
At the risk of sounding like I don't know what I'm talking about, Phish turned in a weird show. It was still a blast.

Mudhoney keeps fighting creeps everywhere, one show at a time
Mudhoney's fuzz keeps marching through the years, fighting the good fight and keeping audiences enthralled.

Gov’t Mule plies their trade with brilliance in Boston
They couldn't have known it, but Warren Haynes and company were the perfect band at the perfect time on this night at the waterfront.