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Lebowskifest NYC '05

Back inside, 2nd  floor.

Drink count: 2 Caucasions (white Russians for the
naïve), 1 PBR (Nectar of the Gods!)

Band: Herbal Nation w/ Jeff the Dude. (The Dude in
the movie was based on a true person, Jeffrey “the
Dude” Dowd.)

“Seed, plant it, dry it, roll it, smoke it, it goes down
smooooooooth.” “Everybody!!!!”

Jeff is standing next to me! (Rambled something
into his ear, got his autograph, signed:  Bruce & Will
Rock on Forever. The Dude Abides!)

“We are on the radio.” — Will (Sirius radio just
came up to us!)

This is what I said into the microphone: “My heart
just skipped a beat. I just met the real Dude!!!”

11:15 p.m. Just me webguy in charge, thanked him.
(That’s fucking interesting. I have no clue what that
is. Perhaps it was when I went to the merch table
and met with one of the guys in charge of the event
and thanked him.)

We are exiting the building again.

Thought I saw some dude from the Apprentice. I
hope not though.

Spotted: 1st Jesus, Sam Elliot, Landlord in his
“whathaveyou dance quartet outfit.”

Spot lead singer and bassiest of Hair Supply! Get
the lead singer’s autograph: Phil Costello, Rocking

Back inside to watch the screening of the film.

The real Dude takes the mic and welcomes the
crowd and introduces the film.

The Stranger (Sam Elliot) in costume in front of
crowd lip synching the lines.

Watching the film next to Jesus. More onsite

Q) “Where did you get the outfit?

A) “The Jesus outfit was tailored made from Asia.
His father (assuming God) lives in Asia. (and
probably knows some underprivileged children. 8
year olds, Dude)

Everyone cheered for the Dude as he walked down
the aisle in Ralph’s.

(It felt like I was at a Jack Johnson concert;
everyone was quoting the movie in unison.)

12:45 a.m.  We just left the Knitting Factory. We
Big Lebowski to the Jesus
dance/pederass part.

I had the Sirius microphone right in front of my face
majority of the time. Just rambling.

1:28 a.m. Cobra — Sylvester Stallone on the

Back at Will’s apartment

“This is a cult film!”— Will.
Is this your homework, Larry?
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Will and Bruce take in a beer at the lanes.
The Dude himself, Jeff Dowd, with a happy Achiever.
Bruce and fellow Americorps Achiever Rachel...and proud we are
of all of them.
“FUBARBED — Fucked Up Beyond Recognition” (term used after a guy gets destroyed by an 18-wheeler.)


1:04 p.m. Having a sandwich and (watching) Over the Top (another Sly Stone film. This time it’s about the
struggle of getting back his son and arm wrestling. Non stop action!) Great way to start the 2nd day of

2-3ish. p.m. Adam (homeotwn buddy) stopped by, went to Central Park. Wanted to see dogs and rats. Saw
some dogs, no rats. Crappy weather, came back to the apartment and watched
Cobra again (Adam’s choice).

8:10 p.m. DMX barking and growling.

Leaving Will’s moms place where we had her sensational pasta. Driving to Queens (rather than taking the
subway). Apparently not the greatest neighborhoods at night time.

9 p.m. We made it to Cozy Lanes, destination of Lebowski fest Day #2.

(Two floors, 64 lanes bowling alley. Right next to White Castle. As soon as we enter, we see Walters, Dudes,
other main characters, not so main characters, topics of the movie all in costume. I wore a shirt that stated “I am
the Walrus." More random drive by quoting; the one I hear a lot is “Way to go Donnie!!!”)

10 p.m. Finally on the lanes!!

Drink count: 3 Caucasians.

Bowling with people from Philly/NYC/Boston (all architects). One is Bunny’s Dad (from the movie). He even has a
picture of Bunny in her cheerleading outfit and a picture of home (this will hopefully get her homesick and want
her to go home). He asked if I had seen her lately. I had to tell him the bad news that I haven’t seen her, but I
know many people have (meaning that she is a whore who owes money all over town, including the known
pornographers, which is cool.)

“You clearly went over the line, but I’ll let it slide.” Told to me right after I scored a strike. (I wound up getting a
turkey, 3 strikes in a row, then went down hill after numerous pitchers of beer and shenanigans.)

10:15 p.m. 1st CCR tune, “Susie Q.”

12:10 p.m. (AM, you idiot!)

Met up with Rachel (Americorps buddy that told me the whatnot to expect at the such Lebowski event.) Talked,
chatted and whatnot.

Finished 2nd game. “In the Garage” (by Weezer) played. I was hopping and jumping up and down in celebration.

12:34 p.m. (AM, damn I am a human paraqwot!!)

In the car. (Driving home, wanted to beat the traffic.)

Loved all the drive by quoting!!! (I even indulged and went down the alley yelling “They are going to kill that poor
woman, they are going to kill that poor woman!!”)

People took a couple of pictures of me.

Reminder: Send picture of the dude with the Dude. (Got the Dude’s autograph again, so Will and I
didn’t have to arm wrestle for it.)

Call just came in (Rachel)— “People (Walters)are singing “Wish You Were Here” (Pink Floyd) to a Folgers can
(Donny). Walters are everywhere!!!!!!”

"I don’t know what state I will be in besides Massachusetts." — Will, asking if I am driving home after we get to
Fall River.

1:23 a.m. 1st rest stop (Stamford, Conn.)

I need to use the lavatory. Huge accident @ same point.

1:30 a.m. Stuck in huge hold up (traffic jam) @ Mickey D’s (McDonalds).

2:05 a.m. Starting to move. Sobering up, but need to pee again! (Just leaving the rest area too. I was a brat. Sorry

2:11 a.m. On the Road (Highway) again.

2:22 a.m. Pee #2 (Thanks Will)

2:26 a.m. On the Road (Highway) again.

3:36 a.m. In Rhode Island listening to Rolling on Dubs Vol. 2/Bruce’s Crap Rap (Rap Compilations that I made)

Will enlightening me: “I don’t know if you know this but we are rolling on dubs.”

4:08 a.m. “Imagine” — John Lennon

Driving on 195 East: “We’re the only ones awake in Providence!”

4:24 a.m.  At the Mickey D’s drive thru waiting to get served and after 5 minutes come to find out they only have
Quarter Pounders, not serving breakfast just yet; Will is saddened. (Well sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes
the bar eats you.)

4:35 a.m. Made it home!!! (Well, Will’s apartment in Fall River)

5:13 a.m. Finally in my bed!!! The Dude Abides. Take ‘er easy…


Overall my experience was fantastic. I cannot wait for next year’s events. I cannot wait to watch the film, drink a
Caucasian and go to the bowling alley (being the passenger and having a designated driver, of course). What
did I get out of this event? I got satisfaction. I laughed, I cried (from laughing), met fellow Achievers, and you know
what, I was even given a toe … with nail polish, even. To me, that was a welcome to the Lebowski society. Thank
you all for making it worth while … Oh, look at me, I’m rambling again. Well, I’ll see you all later on, hopefully at
the next Lebowski fest, if not sooner. Take ‘er easy.

(Tumbling weed. Fade out — end scene.)

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