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OK Go work out the kinks
in Cambridge

T.T. The Bear's Place
Cambridge, Massachusetts

STATIC and FEEDBACK correspondent

OK Go is back on the road ahead of their new album,
Oh No, due in July, and they took the stage in
Cambridge along with The Bocks and the Sun, but
they’re not without a new face.

The band has enlisted new guitarist/keyboardist Andy
Ross, replacing founding member Andy Duncan, just
eight days before the tour began in February. OK Go
gave the attendees in Cambridge, MA on March 31st a
preview of the new record and plenty of humor.  
The Bocks, from Boston, kicked things off. The Bocks, who “rock so you don’t have to,” got progressively better
as their set went on. They gave their all to get their name out to the public, throwing out free t-shirts and cds.

It wasn’t until the Sun, though, that anyone really “rocked so hard, we didn’t have to.” The Columbus, Ohio band
took a while to get ready, miking up keyboards, and having to move the van before getting a ticket. I felt myself
getting a little anxious, saying to myself, “this better be worth it.” And was it ever. The Sun have a sound that I
haven’t encountered before; tight, distinctive, personal music about relationships and politics. I admit that I
haven’t heard a song give me goose bumps since the first time I saw “Only in Dreams” in person.  As the lead
singer Christ Burney belted out a song from their new disc, “Did Your Mother Tell You?,” due out in July, couples
were embracing, while the singles (myself included), were transported to their own little world.

After their set, I had to go to the merch table and followed the band’s instructions to support “my new favorite
band.”  I picked up two EP’s,
Love & Death and their new Did Your Mother Tell You?  They haven’t left my CD
player since.

OK Go played their trademark smart, catchy tunes about ladies that have been known to cause concertgoers to
get up and dance. As the band took the stage in what could’ve been your father’s prom outfit, the packed crowd
screamed and jumped up and down in delight.

They kicked off with “Bye, Bye Baby” from their self-titled debut.  Lead singer Damien Kulash’s voice wasn’t as
strong as it could have been. But sure enough, he let the crowd know that earlier that morning he could not even
speak, but like Boston hero Curt Schilling, he persevered.

“I’m on so many steroids, they (doctors) say I can sing but my throat may bleed!”  

Damien made sure that the audience enjoyed themselves, running and hopping around the stage as if 100%.   

During the hour-plus set, it was obvious that Ross wasn’t as comfortable as he’d like to be, but it seemed he’ll
mesh in with the rest of them. That being said, the band did more than just play music, they entertained. While
Damien “ordered” the new guy to restring his guitar, he and bassist Tim Nordwind performed a skit from Les
Miserables. The performance confused the crowd though, with a few were yelling towards the stage and the rest
talking amongst themselves. I just hope they don’t quit their “night” job.  

When they played their first single, “Get Over It”, the place erupted into cheers, but it wasn’t the highlight of the
set. That didn’t come until the encore.  With the crowd wanting more, the band returned to the stage.

“Thank you everyone, we are not going to sing anymore but we have something to show you. Just give us time to
move our equipment.” Just like with the previous skit, the crowd was a little befuddled. Then the group got into
position and then it happened: they entertained by doing a “live” dance performance of the quirky fan favorite “C-
C-Cinnamon Lips,” sung by Nordwind. The dancing and lip-synching would have both Usher and Ashlee
Simpson jealous. It truly was a treat, with crowd members reacting, “that was amazing” and “beautiful.” That
performance alone seemed to wipe away the weaker moments all together.

Check out OK Go on their North American tour, and the Sun at the Middle East on May 15.
OK Go, in an earlier incarnation.