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Break out the popcorn,  we've
got a classic on our hands

STATIC and FEEDBACK staff writer

Warning: I’ve read the comics (“graphic novels”,
dammit!!) that this film is based on and that will impact
my absolutely POSITIVE review.

I’ve been sitting on the fence for quite some time
regarding Robert Rodriguez. While his films have
always been technically exciting, they’ve also (with the
exception of the brilliant
El Mariachi) felt strangely
Once Upon a Time in Mexico was a huge
letdown for me. It wasted a good cast (except for
Johnny Depp, of course) and its title allowed for
comparisons with Sergio Leone’s
Once Upon a Time
in the West
that Rodriguez simply couldn’t live up to.

Well, my doubts have been erased, because
Sin City
is the most exhilarating “popcorn” movie I’ve seen in
years. YEARS!!

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Sin City takes film noir to the
depths of mediocrity


People are tired of stale story lines and overacting in
movies, and understandably so. Even supposed
thrillers that are meant to shock you in the end have
become predictable (for the love of God, I called
within the first fifteen minutes, and every M. Night
Shyamalan film, too). But there is a trend in the film
world that is picking up steam – and it’s just as
embarrassing as poor writing and generic plot lines.
People have started to believe that if something is new
and different, it must be good.

A perfect example of this would be, you guessed it,
Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’s “masterpiece”
. This film is essentially a throwback to the film
noir craze of the 1940s, complete with stylized violence
and womanizing.

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Sin City split everyone, critics and fans alike, in half.
We were no different.