Ep. 30: Untitled
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Ty Segall's 'Manipulator' is a roaring, massive masterpiece

Spoon returns with a funkier edge on 'They Want My Soul'

Robin Williams, and living with imperfections

Ryan Adams skips the formality in keeping the Newport spirit alive

A lesson in punk, optimism and history with the Minutemen

Tom Petty, repressed memories and occasionally cow turds

How Pearl Jam fought back and saved themselves on 'Vitalogy'

Diving back into the enveloping world of Grateful Dead bootlegs

Searching for answers, 20 years after Kurt Cobain

The Hold Steady put the parties in perspective on 'Teeth Dreams'

Digital overload and Ryan Adams' 'Crossed Out Name'

Beck returns to a distant sound on 'Morning Phase'

Band of Horses strips down on 'Acoustic at the Ryman'

U2 marches back to consciousness with 'Invisible'

How Oasis crossed oceans with 'Definitely Maybe'

Mark Lanegan's solo career receives a fitting retrospective

Bruce Springsteen finds new life in older songs on 'High Hopes'

Lee Ranaldo's guitars speak for themselves in Allston

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UPDATED: July 23, 2015

Neil Young pours everything into the message in Mansfield

In MUSIC: Backed by Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real, Neil Young went on an electric guitar rampage at Great Woods, cutting down corporate interests via guitar pyrotechnics. STORY


The Heartbreakers' first record finds Tom Petty on a mission
Before stadiums and miles of hit records were a reality, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was just another hungry young band intent on making an impression.

The Rolling Stones are at their peak on 'Sticky Fingers'
Emerging from the tumultuous end of the 1960s, the Rolling Stones crafted a masterpiece so blinding that it just may eclipse everything else in the band's cannon.

Ryan Adams lays his quirks bare on 'Live at Carnegie Hall'
Stepping out without his backing band The Shining, Ryan Adams walked into two nights at Carnegie Hall with just a sprawling setlist and a cutting sense of humor.

The Sonics make an unexpected return on 'This Is the Sonics'
The idea that the Sonics, 40 years after their last album, could come back together and match that ridiculus fury on a new album seemed like a stretch. But here we are, and they did it.

North Mississippi Allstars put a new spin on the ghosts of the blues
Taking their roots and pulling it through a twisted, modern filter, North Mississippi Allstars took underground blues to a new height on World Boogie Is Coming.

Pearl Jam worked out the bugs on 'Mt. Baker Theatre 5/10/00'
Pearl Jam's latest Vault release finds the band on the cusp of what would be a long, difficult tour in support of Binaural and eager to start playing again.


Mudhoney continues to defy physics in Allston
Being this loud and this brash and this good for this long seems like it should be impossible. But Mudhoney disproved that at the Brighton Music Hall.

Spoon gets down to business at the House of Blues
With minimal frills and a business-like demeanor, Brit Daniel and Spoon settled in and delivered a powerhouse set that spanned their long career in Boston.

Ryan Adams tunes in and plows through the noise in Boston
With his new band the Shining now operating at full speed, there was nothing stopping Ryan Adams from another great show in Boston's Wang Theatre.

Pearl Jam drives small town Moline to madness with 'No Code'
Drawing up a setlist crazy even for them, Pearl Jam pulled out all the stops in their first visit to Moline, Ill., playing their 1996 album No Code in full and going from there.


Saying goodbye to the ritual of David Letterman
It's an end of an era that's been long approaching — the art of tuning in at 11:30 and getting in a few weird, perfect laughs before hearing some great music.

The difficulties of aging and listening to stuff other than Hendrix
A 33rd birthday and listening to nothing but old reliables, like Jimi Hendrix and Ryan Adams, coincided nicely with a new study that says people stop listening to new music after 33.

Appreciating the mystery in Gram Parsons' 'She'
Despite often avoiding direct stories or references, Gram Parsons' songs all sound immediate and share a deep quality of sounding as if they were plucked out of the air.

The moon, the stars, the unseasonable cold and 'Let it Be'
It's spring in Boston, but it's still freezing. So while the conditions aren't cooperating, it's time to think of warmer times and wait for the season to turn over.

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