Ep. 29: Bootlegging
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Band of Horses strips down on 'Acoustic at the Ryman'

U2 marches back to consciousness with 'Invisible'

How Oasis crossed oceans with 'Definitely Maybe'

Mark Lanegan's solo career receives a fitting retrospective

Bruce Springsteen finds new life in older songs on 'High Hopes'

Lee Ranaldo's guitars speak for themselves in Allston

Llyewin Davis and the gravity of folk music

Stephen Malkmus keeps it weird on 'Wig Out at Jagbags'

Neil Young took an important step on 'Live at the Cellar Door'

Ringing in the new year with The Band

Queens of the Stone Age burn through Boston's Agganis Arena

Glen Hansard brings his voice to Springsteen's 'Drive All Night'

Elcodrive celebrates the long way home at the Narrows

Paul McCartney marries the experimental and familiar on 'New'

R.E.M. bent the laws of rock radio with 'E-Bow the Letter'

Remembering Lou Reed

Mark Lanegan's deafening roar takes center stage in Boston

Pearl Jam crafts 'Lightning Bolt' as a bold, intricate statement

Nirvana's stark brilliance is laid bare on 'In Utero' box set

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UPDATED: Sept. 14, 2014

Two nights detailed by Paul Westerberg

In VOICES: A Paul Westerberg show nearly a decade ago featured a funny moment during a not-so-funny song. STORY


Ryan Adams sounds relaxed and recharged on his new album
Three years removed from his last album, Ryan Adams sounds recharged on this self-titled return, tackling sounds he hasn't attempted in more than a decade.

Ty Segall's 'Manipulator' is a roaring, massive masterpiece
Frantically jumping from one song to the next with the same bursts of psychedelic punk energy, Ty Segall throws together a brilliant double album with Manipulator.

Spoon returns with a funkier edge on 'They Want My Soul'
Rather than returning to the template after four years away, Spoon boiled down their strengths to the skeleton and messed with the rest for a dance-heavy record.

Tom Petty turns the Heartbreakers loose on 'Hypnotic Eye'
On the first Heartbreakers album in four years, Tom Petty leaned back, wrote some great songs that could have spanned decades and let his band fly.

Restless Souls: How Pearl Jam fought back with 'Vitalogy'
By 1994, Pearl Jam had been backed into a corner. They responded with a dark album that was catchy as it was anti-commercial. Check out our longform look into Vitalogy.

The Black Keys settle in for the slow burn on 'Turn Blue'
Side-stepping arena rock, The Black Keysand Danger Mouse soften their approach and slide headlong into a record full of R&B grooves for their ninth album.


Tom Petty embraces a fighting spirit at Fenway
In the Red Sox' historic ballpark, Petty and the Heartbreakers blended tough rhythms and new songs with old hits, keeping the crowd enthralled and the music vital.

Ryan Adams skips formality in keeping Newport's spirit alive
Ryan Adams didn't strip down to an acoustic set for the annual Newport Folk Festival. Instead, he plugged in, turned up and let the music keep the day alive.

Revelation and rediscovery with Phish after a decade away
Phish opened their summer tour in Mansfield on the back of a new album, Fuego, giving Nick a chance to revisit the band and their world for the first time in 10 years.

The Hold Steady and Deer Tick turn Boston into a scream
Two bands differing in sound but linked in spirit helped turn the House of Blues in Boston into the rowdiest bar in town. And yes, it was very, very loud.


Robin Williams, and living with imperfections
Robin Williams took his own life. Before that, he used his uncanny ability to convey his humanness to make living a little better and little more fun for the rest of us.

Powering through all phases with Pearl Jam's 'Grievance'
"Grievance" is a song that winds its way through punk, protest and progressive modes, with thrashing guitars, lots of moving parts and lots of room to think about how it all works.

A lesson in punk, optimism and history with the Minutemen
The Minutemen's classic Double Nickels on the Dime is an album that practically plays like it's on shuffle as is, so getting a random flash of inspiration from it wasn't so strange.

Slipping back into George Harrison's material world
Stumbling onto Martin Scorsese's George Harrison: Living in the Material World reinvigorated a passion for the man's music and the way he carried his career.

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